Racism is a big issue in today’s world and society and with people like Donald Trump around it will be very hard to progress and solve this problem.

I would also like to say that reverse racism ins’t a thing. However, it isn’t for the reason that many people think; I believe that reverse racism doesn’t exist, not because white people haven’t been oppressed like people of colour (which is true but not relevant), but because racism is NOT specific to white people discriminating black people, and that racism is simply:

  • Being oppressed because of their skin colour or religion

It is NOT white people discriminating black people or asian people or muslim people.

My next point about racism is linked to the last one but here goes: although white people haven’t been segregated from society or banished from using public services or forced into slavery, everyone is a victim of racism. For example- the Jews and the holocaust. Most Jewish people were white but when people say that people are racist to white people, everyone responds with,

“Yeah, but were they oppressed or forced to be slaves?”

Another example is that the majority of Vine famous people, have made at least one ‘White vs Black’ video and I just think it is such a load of crap.

The stereotypes that exist are- (these groups are generic, I know but it would be a really boring blog and would take ages if I did all of them- comment if you want me to list as many stereotypes as I can)

  • Black people are: violent, controlling, poor, uneducated, can’t swim, can dance better than white people.
  • Asain people are: smart, are/have very strict controlling parents, have arranged marriages, terrorists (this only applies to some but ya know)
  • White people are: passive, racist, weak, rich, snobs, can’t dance, disrespectful, have great education, have perfect lives, are school shooters.

All of that, is a pile of crap. I hate being stereotyped as racist and pathetic, and that I can’t dance like black people (yes, I am white). I absolutely hate it. And I know that other people, regardless of their colour, hate the stereotypes that are supposed to apply to them. I don’t like being in a race with ancestors that were racist because I feel like I am segregated in some way because I will never really know what it was like and can’t campaign against racism because my race has a history of racists.

Yes, I know that white people have never truly been oppressed but it still hurts!

Can I just say, this isn’t meant to be racist, blaming racism on any race or attacking black, asian, white, russian, european, hispanic, french, canadian, chinese, african, american or south african people.

I sincerely apologise if I offended anyone and if you really don’t like this post I can take it down but I just needed to get my opinion out.

Also, sorry this has been a depressing and sad-thought-provoking post but like I said, I needed to release my emotions, I hope you can understand.




So here goes. I am someone who gets frustrated over big and small things, but also gets very excited about lots of things as well; this blog is just for me to release my emotions.

The reason I am staying very much anonymous is because it shouldn’t matter who I am, but instead the random things I’m posting should be the focus of this blog. You can take some guesses in the comments but I will remain gender and ageless because I find it much easier to rant this way.

I hope you will enjoy reading about my life, my rants and other stuff and that this site won’t become too, depressing.

If I have a bad week, you will be the first lot to know!

I have tried many times to keep up a blog but this time I feel like I might finally make it. My blogs won’t be great so you won’t miss out on much but I hope to post at least once or twice every two weeks.